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I so Want to be Closer.

This is dedicated to the band "burn season". I love the song closer, and though it works well with Faith/Buffy.. it also goes well with Bibleslash stuff. I'll write some historical slash later. Gods.. this is making me feel better. Everything is written in modern times. Because I like to see things come alive today.


fight like hell- Nicole

"I'd erase what you say
Scramble words in the way
But you can't take away
Turn away
Run away
Fuck with me "

shmael couldn't imagine the rage in his soul when he saw Issac dancing with another love. "Fashion's a killah, darlin. And he is king of the underworld now." The devil whispered quietly into his ear. Damn. something about not being the chosen, blessed one just made him go insane. All he wanted was the love of his brother. Alas, somethings were not meant to be. 

" Dont
say that it's over
I'd kill to be closer
A moment i'm passing to you
But to me
I will wait
And ill take
Anything with your name
Don't say that its over
You can't live without me
Live without me "

ssac, the one w ho has power in this world. the one who has made a name for himself outside of his family. the one who has decided he would stay up nights just to make it has finally declaired his independence as the seed of Abraham. Whatever the fuck that meant. Issac wanted desperately to hold the man he loved, the brother he wasn't allowed to see let alone mention int he presence of his overbearing and domineering mother. All he wanted was to end the pain so desperately, to just be with Ishmael, comfort him and tell him it's alright. How desperately maddening it was to be someone who had nothing but his empire of wealth, and saddlings of power. Oh, how emotional he was for the Arab, but he would never show it. 'Let him hunt for me as he hunts for those creatures.' He commented softly. Dancing away the sadness. How innement would this night be. It lasted forever for the both of them. Ismael didn't do so bad himself, king of the oil fields of modern day Iraq, and the Persian gulf. Had Ishmael been less controlling, less pained, less forceful.. perhaps they would still be together in Brunei, sailing across the blackened seas. Ishmael knew what this world was coming to. Sign of the times.. and he could feel it. the chess pieces moving upwards and downwards.. prepairing themselves for the coming winters. He knew one day this world will be under the control and guise of the owerful and super wealthy.. and who couldn't share in that but Ishmael? he was worse than his father.

Alas, this was not meant to be.

Issac wandered slowly to the beat as he grinded quickly to the song "How High" by none other than the Mother herself Madonna. He could feel the sweat and grit slide off the unnamed fellah. Perhaps it was Johnathan? Who gave a damn, all he knew was he was cute.. and he could bust a move. The way he touched and proded the dancefloor was like a ballet waiting to happen. Perhaps the wild darkness was the only way Issac could express himself. War was coming soon, against God.. against the devil.. against all of humanity. And someone had to feel it.
it wasn't all in his mind.

I tire of watching you sleep.

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24 August 2007 @ 01:44 am
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